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Cats are a lot easier to groom in their surroundings with their owner present! Unfamiliar smells and other dogs and felines can make a cat incredibly tense and nervous before the grooming is attempted. Add to that the car’s trip there and back are an extremely traumatic experience for the cat! This service offers a more productive grooming experience as much as possible for the cat and the owner. In some cases, other cats can be better groomed from home. No worries, though, because we can right into your doorstep!

mobile cat groomer

We realize that grooming your feline may occasionally be challenging. Yes, it is usually quite a job bringing them to a pet beauty salon, especially if there’ll be various other animals in the pet salon since all of us know that cats could become stressed out quickly. That is precisely why getting a cat groomer Houston to come at your place to groom may benefit both you and your cat. Generally, there will not be any exposure to various other animals that will typically add emotional stress to cats at pet salons. Pet Groomers Houston‘s mobile pet groomers, scheduled at your comfort and in your house, lets your cat feel secure and safe in familiar surroundings while staying away from a stressful car drive and patiently waiting in a grooming beauty salon. With our experience, your cat will be skillfully groomed by our cat groomer with minimum stress.
Our services let you view and take part in reassuring your cat that all is well; it also helps you further reduce the levels of stress of your fabulous feline. No anxiety, no trauma, just contented cats and owners, which obviously can make us happy pet groomer Houston! Our grooming service includes brushing, cleaning ears and eyes, and trimming claws. Their face is gently wiped using a damp cloth, the entire body, legs, and tail are completely shampooed. We blow dry manually if your kitty can withstand it with no undue strain. If your cat isn’t a fan of getting hot air blown on her, we will towel dry her.


Are you asking yourself whether your cat even needs specialized grooming? The answer is always “yes.” Older cats usually have difficulty grooming themselves. Cats with other health issues or allergies and all long-haired cats require assistance keeping their coats in good condition. Discover why mobile cat grooming from our cat groomer will be the trauma-free method to get your cat spiffed up correctly! When our mobile salon visits your house, your cat will have no clue anything is up. You present us to your cat within their place. Subsequently, our cat groomer will lovingly escort them out of your home to the hair salon. From there, it is a purrfectly pleasurable experience for them, and you. Our visits are generally completed in under an hour; therefore, your cat is back in their typical hiding area before they know it.
In case you are looking for an outstanding cat groomer, Pet Groomers Houston should be your reliable choice. We have more than ten years of experience so that you can confidently rely on us to look after your cat’s grooming requirements. Our caring pet groomers Houston will treat your cats like their extended family. Give your pet the TLC with animal grooming from us. Please speak to one of our representatives so that we can discuss our process with you. 
From massaging, gentle bath to carry out ear cleanings (including that annoying ear hair!) to manicures, our cat groomer will revitalize and loosen up your pet. We know that leaving your pet could be a trying experience for you. This is why Pet Groomers Houston attempt to make the pet boarding practical experience as seamless and stress-free as much as possible. Pet Groomers Houston can also arrange to pick up and drop off your pet! The propane water heater inside the van lets us warm up the water we utilize to only your pet’s appropriate heat. We never use recycled water. When our cat groomer is bathing your pet, they utilize our outstanding HydroSurge Bathing System. We treat cats as the spiritual creatures they are. We always offer the highest quality of service and are enthusiastic about individuals and their cats. Your cat will receive the specialized, personalized, and uninterrupted interest of an authorized cat groomer from Pet Groomers Houston. Call us today to see and experience the difference.