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Our qualified cat groomers are prepared to make your life a lot easier and make your kitten or cat looking perfect. Because of each cat’s unique requirements, package costs are given after your cat is evaluated at the animal salon. Cat grooming Houston involves removing tangles and mats, grease, litter package particles, dried urine and fecal specks, fleas, old hair, and dirt from the cat’s coat with a warm, relaxing bath. We also utilize the best cat products to wash your cat’s coat and skin to perfection, make their fur silky soft and smelling great. The health of your cat’s coat can tell a lot about his or her overall health. All cats reap the benefits of regular brushing. Loose-fitting hairs are removed by brushing old skin cells, parasites, trash, and soil and redistributing your cat’s all-natural skin oils. Cats with curly or long coats might require regular brushing to help keep them free of tangles and painful, matted hair. Those with short hair coats may need fewer brushing. Your cat will be treated to a spa-like experience like bathing, brushing, shave downs, and toenail trims. Contact us for additional info or to arrange for an appointment.

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Is it starting to stink a bit more than average? If you answered yes, then it seems like you and your cat may benefit from a stylish Houston cat grooming program offered by Pet Groomers Houston. Thus, if you want the best for your furry feline buddy, contact our pet care facility today. We promise you will be happy you got in contact. 

Cats are excellent all-natural groomers. They enjoy their minimal routine of a lovely beauty and bath update. Cats also eliminate any other animal smells by grooming themselves. Cats do not love to be dirty. They prefer that coat shiny, and they keep it lustrous by grooming and uniformly distributing their natural oils. Nevertheless, they have the royal spa therapy of cat grooming they deserve whenever they visit us.