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We are a full-service mobile pet grooming beauty salon, and we love animals! Our pet groomers are excellent at professional pet grooming strategies for dogs and understand various breeds’ specific grooming requirements. Pet grooming Houston is a crucial component of pet care. Brushing and combing them frequently is incredibly vital to maintaining a healthy and good coat. Pet Groomers Houston knows that many American pet lovers treat their animals as essential family members and wish only the very best for them. Our goal is to change the pet care business picture by offering complete service to top-quality care in a “satisfaction guarantee” atmosphere that is pet and customer friendly. Have you considered providing your pet a professional ‘summer cut’? This means shaving your pet’s locks, so it feels comfortable and relaxed during the extended summer months. Remember to give us a call or fill out our contact page for a quote. We will provide you with an estimated amount for your breed. Estimated rates apply to healthy pets with well-maintained coats. Extra costs might pertain to larger than average animals of the breed or health, fur, or behavioral problems that extend grooming time. How many animals are within the salon grooming at once? How much time can your pet be ‘waiting’ even though they get their turn? This might be stressful for your pet. Every pet is handled with love, respect, and patience at Pet Groomers Houston.

They do not need a fancy designer or collars food or the latest fashions. All they require from you will be your love and nurturing attention. Pets are reliant on us because of the care they need. Your next call must be to your local Pet Groomers Houston to get your pet on the proper mobile grooming path. We take care of almost all breeds of dogs and cats. As the mobile dog groomers in my area, we offer complete cat grooming and dog grooming services directly in your driveway’s safety. Pet Groomers Houston is 100% cage-free. As a mobile dog groomer Houston, we take proper care for each pet one after the other, and we only use the highest quality, natural products. Our proprietary hydrobath program and our special fifteen-step spa dog and cat grooming Houston treatment will indulge your pet precisely how you wish them to be handled. We do almost everything one on one, and your pet can get all of the attention they deserve.
Whether you want a dog wash or a dog grooming Houston TX service in Houston and its neighboring areas, we are here to help take care of your pup! The very first time you get into our shop, you get into our lives; you and your animals are more than customers; you are loved ones. Pet Groomers Houston has been providing mobile pet grooming service for at least ten years now. We work with our neighborhood with kindness, love, and knowledge. We’re proud to let you know that we have received some local awards in the community because of our unparalleled service. Call us today to see it for yourself.


It’s crucial that you ensure that your pet has a proper coat and is well-trained for excellent health. If your friend has matted fur, it can attract dirt and grime, then partner that with fecal matter, and your pet is carrying dangerous bacteria, which can affect your whole home. Do not let this one persist; come to our clinic to stop the spread of possible diseases and parasites. Here at Pet Groomers Houston, we provide a gentle experience for your pet. We offer the same attention and care you will give when you are providing your pet a bath.
Moreover, ask about our flea cleaning up services. Unlike a traditional cat or dog grooming, we provide a mobile grooming service, making it possible for your pet security and individual interest. Regular dog grooming services have numerous animals, cages, and revolving employees. All this is stressful on your pet.

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We can guarantee a hundred percent sanitary setting for your pet. Pet Groomers Houston, your pet isn’t in danger of an illness they can find at a regular pet grooming service such as kennel cough, distemper/parvo, rabies, parasites, and Bordetella. Also, your pets’ safety is our top priority. Health is on top of our list, and we provide a convenient online booking. Using our internet system expedites the grooming process, as opposed to conventional pet groomers Houston. What this means is no wait or hold times over the telephone! Your pets’ safety and physical & emotional well-being are supreme to us. Our mobile dog groomers provide supervision and security at all times. Look for Pet Groomers Houston and never look back! 
Do your four-legged friends require a pupcation? Bring him to us! Give us a call to find out about our mobile dog grooming Houston! Your dog wants to be pampered. Whether you are interested in our dog bath, a quick trim of the fingernails, or perhaps a more intricate dog grooming spa remedy, we are happy to oblige and give our doggy day treatment spa. Just like us humans, every dog is different. Our mobile grooming services’ costs could vary. As a result, additional charges might be included for matted dogs or perhaps those with incredibly thick/dense coats, as more work and time are needed to get them looking their greatest!

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We have a stainless tub with several shampoos such as organic all-natural shampoos, pesticide and chemical-free, finishing spray and cream rinse choices, power dryers, and large spa towels. Moreover, brush combs for a spa foot bath, de-shed, grooming haircut, or holistic groom. Our costs are incredibly competitive. Although it is difficult to make an actual quote on the phone, we will greet you when you are available for the appointment and let you know right there and then precisely how much it will set you back to have your directions carried out. Reserve an appointment by calling us today for the next available opening closest to you. Here at Pet Groomers Houston, your beloved pet will feel loved and comfortable on the pet grooming table, just like how he is loved at your house. Heavy shedding issues? Don’t worry; we can deal with this also! We also provide de-shedding services. Therefore, you and your pet won’t suffer during the spring and autumn season when the shedding will be the worst. At our mobile dog grooming, we work with a de-shedding shampoo in the course of bath time. Also, at Pet Groomers Houston’s mobile pet grooming, we have a high power blow dryer that can help loosen and blow off the undercoat.

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Difficult or severely matted pet? Pet Groomers Houston got this! If your pet is difficultly matted and gets knocked out of salons, do not worry because help has arrived. Here at Pet Groomers Houston, we don’t fear any challenge. We will take on ourselves things nobody else wants.
Consequently, we will do our best to de-mat the pet as much as possible. Our mobile dog groomer will be careful but firm and confident when doing the pet grooming on your loved one. All of us will do our best to lessen that fear of pet grooming your friend might have.
A dog grooming close to me spa—Pet Groomers Houston’s mobile dog grooming van provides grooming services, helping you save the time, stress, and travel of loading your pet and taking them to a different facility. Our fully-equipped, mobile grooming beauty salon is sanitary and clean, and we come to your house, hotel, or office. We offer you meetings throughout the morning or evening customized to your scheduling requirements—a sweetly peaceful experience. We know grooming could be difficult for both you and your pet. Here at Pet Groomers Houston, your pet is not crated or caged. You are never far away, confident that your pet is located in the hands of a reliable, competent professional—pet coiffures at their best. We work together with you to personalize each pet’s styling and bathing, an immensely important component of our visitors’ comfort. 
It is all about a one-on-one private service for you and your pet. In our busy world, a mobile dog groomer’s comfort makes much more sense than ever before. Pet Groomers Houston’s mobile grooming hair salons drive directly to your ideal location. Call us now to get the best service your pet deserves. We promise you won’t regret it. We will make your experience one of a kind, and your pet will love it! Make sure to check out sour service pages to know more about our offerings and see your pet’s best. Remember, we are partners in taking care of your pet, and we don’t take this lightly. We know how important your pet is for you, and we will take good care of them and won’t disappoint.